Turn #Goals into Reality in these easy steps

Inspiration radiates possibility when you least expect it. Ask Charlize Theron. At 17 years old, Charlize saw the movie “The Apartment” starring Shirley MacLaine, and she was taken by the range of MacLaine’s character and how she brought the role to life. Shirley MacLaine was the ‘match’ of inspiration that fueled Charlize’s desire to be an actress, and Charlize used that fuel to turn a one-way ticket from South Africa to Los Angeles into a career that spans 24 years and has earned her an Oscar, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild award. And last night, she got the chance to share the Oscar stage with Shirley MacLaine, her source of inspiration.

What or who is inspiring you to go places and do things that your gut and soul knows is possible?

Feel the inspiration and decipher its meaning. Take a moment to ask yourself:

  • What is this feeling about?
  • What possibilities are showing up for me?
  • What am I willing to do with it?

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Write it down

Take the time to let the spark of inspiration turn into a flame that moves you to put meat on the bones of the possibility that is emerging. Write down what’s coming up for you and work it through to something tangible.  Think of your ideal end result and then work backward. What would you ultimately like the possibility to become?

Your energy and effort are the fuel to transform possibility into something real.  You can transform possibility into a new reality.

With your desired end-result on paper, create a starter plan to channel your actions. What baby steps are you willing to take?  When you’re ready, move to the next step of identifying specific activities, completion dates, constraints, scope and a high-level timeline.    

Today and every tomorrow ahead,  be open to the possibility radiating from the person, situation or event that inspires you. It’s beckoning you to step into new possibilities, to blaze your new path.

Carpe diem!

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