You Had Me at 'Hello'

How many people can say that about you?

It's a phrase that communicates a feeling that they are with you, for you and aligned to you based on who you are and what you've stood for in the past. And for what you stand for today. It's the ability to stand in the doorway of someone's office or cubicle and be met with a look or gesture that says I'm in.

I've had the pleasure to work alongside a few co-workers that inspired that feeling of alignment.

They earned it fair and square too-through years of working hard and smart, quality time spent cultivating strong relationships, personal will and humility. They had great performance capital, earned through experience that transformed them into subject matter experts with incredible insight and expertise. They took their 'know how' and wrapped it around an extraordinary level of intestinal fortitude, collaboration-based decision making and bona-fide caring that was visible in how they worked.

In the book, Expect to Win, Carla Harris talks about how great leaders marry performance capital with relationship capital.

The combination of performance capital and relationship capital inspires people to get behind a vision or idea and fires the heart to want to win for you, with you and because of you.

The first month of our new year is already half over.

Looking through the lens of work, who have you been
so far this year?

My hunch is that you're all over the performance capital component -whipping and driving your mental horsepower and leveraging your know how in amazing ways at every turn.

What about the relationship capital component? What relationship capital have you earned this year?

How much time have you taken to create or deepen a connection?

Have you gone for coffee, swapped holiday stories over lunch or learned something new from a coworker this year yet?

Every day you show up is a new opportunity to be inspiring and fuel the fire in the belly that makes great teams work.

A great you is an integral part of a great team.

Capitalize on performance and relationships to accomplish the extraordinary.

 Carpe diem!