This temporary slow-down you're avoiding will help you maximize your potential

Navigating conflict is a lot like road construction: it’s bumpy, tricky to maneuver and slows things down while it’s happening. But, we can't allow a temporary slow-down to stop us for maximizing on our potential. Conflict is a growth opportunity that pays dividends if we are willing to face it with courage.

Our recent "Navigating Conflict" workshop was a blast as we explored the twists and turns that go along with addressing issues and conflicts in the workplace. We used a 7 signpost approach to explore conflict that enabled us to fully explore the concept of addressing issues in ways that are constructive without collateral damage. What did we learn? Navigating conflict starts within each of us before it moves out of us in words and behaviors. 

A starting off point is essential to focusing on what we really want out of any interaction. Why bother?  is the first question to explore to get crisp on if the interaction, the effort and possible goodwill is worth it.  If you don’t have a good answer to this  question maybe what you’re hoping to achieve by resolving the issue isn’t sufficiently significant. Answering the "Why Bother" question is the first stop along the journey of navigating conflict and helping you determine when to move ahead to the next step or stay parked on the sidelines.

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