The Makings of a GM

'Tis the season to make Great Memories (GM). 

I still remember the Christmas event at Compaq (now HP) where we drew a name from a hat to buy a toy that reminded us of the person whose name we picked.  How we laughed and hollered when the person unwrapped the gift of Army Sergeant, Teddy Bear, Simon Says and pull toys! To top it all off, we packed the gifts and donated them to a local Christmas Toy drive. We spent the afternoon square dancing with the team in a rented barn with a square dance caller leading us through each do-si-do. 

The checkerboard tablecloths, cowboy boots and sawdust reminded me that I was a long way from the South Side of Chicago. 

The event was a real knee-slapper and one that makes me smile to this day.

This year, my sister and I ran a Turkey Trot (our first together!). We talked and laughed the whole way. We met a guy who was running with his daughter (his umpteenth race this year). He talked about the Jingle Bell run in a way that made me sign up for it that night. A chance to make a Great Memory with bells on my feet? I'm in!

Before we ate our Thanksgiving meal, my family stood in a circle and held hands to give thanks and share what we're thankful for this season. Over the years, the circle has expanded, contracted, grown up and settled down. Three generations of love, experiences and dreams sprinkled with a dash of silliness from our middle schoolers.  It's the warmth of the hands I held, the looks on each face and the simple richness of the words they shared that struck me. We're here. We're standing. Together. Our circle of sharing is a big part of the great memories I have of this holiday.

The GMs you can make are right in front of you. And inside of you.

Make a new Great Memory today.