About WaterLight Group

WaterLight Group was founded in 2011 based on the idea that individuals and organizations could reach higher levels of performance by working from a foundation long on integrity, strengthened by genuine interpersonal relationships and fortified by relevant, in-depth knowledge. We have met people inside corporations and out on various walks of life who were on the verge of being more extraordinary than ever before.  A raw capacity and true desire to make things happen shone in their eyes, pitched debate, laughter and reserve. What if human capacity could be tapped and leveraged to deliver high quality results in ways that expand the individual and institution’s leadership muscles? A strong set of catalysts can stimulate results and help individuals and teams soar. In fact, this idea blossomed and became the basis for the WaterLight Group.

Water and Light are both essential ingredients to sustain life and aid growth from the inside out. Our approach to leadership coaching and management consulting operates in the same way: we work from the inside out to cultivate growth of individuals, teams and organizations that leads to visible results and impact.

At the WaterLight Group, we work with seasoned, experienced professionals to deliver leadership coaching in 1-on-1, team and large group settings. We’ve developed workshops that provide leadership development and self-awareness through experiential learning modules. We utilize best in class coaching practices through a cadre of certified leadership coaches with strong educational and business credentials.

On the management consulting side, we’ve broadened our institutional knowledge by forming strategic alliances to provide a broader suite of consulting services.

Let us assist you in taking things to the next level of extraordinary.

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